1. After drinking Xiangzhiling I had heavy blood flow and I got scared and went to the doctor. The doctor said my blood vessels were blocked so that’s why I had a heavy flow. I had been diagnosed with HIV but I had not started ARV’s but after drinking Xiangzhiling I went to check and my results came back Negative. They can no longer detect the virus.
2. I was suffering from severe headaches where I would drink grandpa’s everyday and after consuming alkaline water I no longer have these headaches. I’m also able to sleep peacefully.
3. The father of my kids was doubting alkaline water. He decided to consume it before he went to work. He came back so excited saying that after consuming alkaline water he was so energetic, he specified that he could work throughout the day without getting tired. Usually he has a problem with waking up on time and today he woke up early feeling fresh again, now he says all the alkaline water in the house is his.
4. I took a bottle of Xianzhiling last week Wednesday, my period started yesterday for the first time in my life no period pains. Used to suffer when I'm on my periods now I'm Good.
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Benefits of Xiangzhiling - How it Works

Slimming Essence Set

The slimming herbal essence is extracted from more than a dozen of natural Chinese herbal medicines through scientific formula and process. By ancient umbilical acupuncture point, the active ingredients enters the interstitial cells through channels and reaches the fat pile of the belly directly. It melts adipocyte and blocks fat synthesis in the cell with significant effect in losing weight. The essence is safe without side effects, and it doesn’t rebound after weight loss.


Xiangzhiling is The King of Herbs. It Treats All Diseases Including HIV/AIDS. 

Plum Juice

One of the Many Benefits of 
Esylife Plum Juice.
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Reference: BM18073054864; Sponsor: Gibbon Bogatsu; Cell & WhatsApp: +27 65 823 4105

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